Speech to Text Transcription System

Fast and Accurate Transcription with Automatic Multi-speaker Detection

Our speech to text transcription solutions can provide fast and accurate transcriptions for speech analytics, message transcriptions, conference call transcription and other uses. Mine your audio data for insights, regulatory compliance, fraud protection and improving customer experience.

AI Backed Transcription

AI algorithms allow intuitive transcriptions including removal of filler words, understanding common abbreviations and industry-specific terms for enhanced accuracy.

Speaker Identification

Identify speakers in a multi-person audio transcription and allow separate transcriptions for each speaker.

Intuitive Review and Edit

An intuitive interface allows you to review the transcript against the audio and perform live edits.

Self Learning and Correction

Supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms are used to allow improved accuracy of the solution as it receives more Training Data.

Transcription Export

Export transcription in popular formats like text or CSV and delivered by email, download on demand, auto-upload or API.

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