Website Design

Whether you are looking for an economical web solution for your business, or you need a large and complex web application roll-out, we can design quality solutions at outstanding prices.

We provide powerful budget options for the small business. We offer affordable packages using popular frameworks like WordPress, but take extra steps to secure your web presence with our WordPress hardening service.

Custom Static Website

Static website design with 5 pages + contact form with up to 5 custom images / infographics / vector art.

Starting at $1,250

Added Costs

Complex themes with more graphics/images

Content Management Website

Update your own content with WordPress website, with minor design adjustments to a basic theme, up to 5 pages integration

Starting at $2,000

Added Costs

Advanced theme with custom graphics and/or complex design

October or other framework

Ecommerce Websites and Mobile Apps

Ecommerce site using WooCommerce with color customizations / basic theme.

Starting at $2,500

Added Costs

Expand the platform to mobile applications

Advanced plugin customizations / advanced themes

Magento or Shopaholic frameworks

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

We approach web design the same way we approach our software jobs. It starts with discovery, design and prototyping to assure our quality will meet your requirements and exceed expectations while working on a deadline

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Search Engine Optimization

Organic search engine traffic can be the highest quality traffic to attract, and a proper SEO plan can continue to deliver long after the campaign has concluded. It requires meticulous research and planning to execute a winning SEO plan. Ask us about an SEO plan that is right for your business.

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Responsive Design

All of the websites we produce are responsively designed. This means the website will adapt differently to the device on which it is displayed, whether PC, Mobile, or Tablet.

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Mobile Web development

There are powerful ways to deliver mobile content outside of a mobile app. One way is with a web application through mobile design.

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Custom Web Applications Development

Web applications are powerful and appeal to the largest audience possible since they are cross platform and target search engine traffic.

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SaaS Applications Development

We can build powerful Service as a Software (SaaS) tools to build revenue and expand your reach or data capacity.

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